Delicious Green Detox Soup with Toasted Hemp Gremolata is not your typical detox soup, this one is loaded with healthy fats and hemp seeds, a complete protein so it keeps you full too! Perfect if you need a reset from a weekend spent indulging!

Green Detox Soup

For those of you who spent the weekend indulging – whether it was too much wine, chips or dessert – this healthy green soup for you! Way better than sipping a green juice, because it’s in the form of a soup that will also keep you satiated.

I’ve been traveling so much for work lately, with book signings and conferences, etc so I really love a good reset meal! I am not a juice cleanse type of girl, but a healthy green soup? I am all over it!

This detox soup is from Liz Moody’s new cookbook Healthier Together, a healthy cookbook designed for two, but if you’re cooking for 4 you can double it!